Saturday, June 30, 2012

Trattoria Fratelli

capasante con mango ravanello $10
pan-seared sea scallops with fresh mangoes, radishes and spicy mango vinaigrette

Rick and I both had this and it was great!!

 insalata di anguriale e cetriolo $8
watermelon and cucumber salad with nasturtiums, red onion and marsala vinaigrette
This was my refreshingly fresh salad! Rick had a classic Caesar.

 salmone fresco con salsa cremosa verde $26
pan-roasted salmon with a creamy green sauce served with chilled baby bean, potato, olive and caper salad 

This was Ricks entree and I had

 a pizza with carrot infused sauce, fresh herbs and smoked mozzarella done on a wood roasted grill!!

YUMMY great way to start the weekend!

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